Sara Campbell, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Assistant Professor

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Sara Chelland Campbell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies.  She received her B.S. and M.S. from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. from Florida State University.  Following her Ph.D., she completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship supported by the USDA investigating the ability of flaxseed to reverse atherosclerotic lesions that have already formed as well as flaxseed's ability to alter the cholesterol profile and modulate inflammatory markers.  For this project Dr. Campbell collaborated with scientists at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to view the animal vasculature using high field MRI.  During her doctoral tenur at FSU she researched the acute effects of isocaloric energy expenditure on lipids, lipoproteins, and enzymes related to lipid transport including cholesterol ester transfer protein and lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase.  Dr. Campbell has publications in several journals including Atherosclerosis, Preventive Medicine, European Journal of Applied Physiology, Journal of Medicinal Food, Menopause, Evidence-based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, and Research Quarterly in Sports Sciences.  She is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Society for Nutrition.  Her research interests include exercise and cholesterol metabolism, functional food/nutritional supplements, and chronic disease and obesity.  She is also a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences.


Campell, S. A.  Anti-atherogenicity of Flaxseed.  Funding Agency:  USDA-NRI; amount $125,000; duration 2008-2010.

Chelland, S. A.  Gatorade Sports Science Institute Grant.  The Effects of an Acute Bout of Continuous versus Accumulated Exercise of Isocaloric Energy Expenditure on Lipids, Lipoproteins and Lipid-related Transport Enzymes.  Awarded October 19, 2004; $1500.00.

Chelland, S. A.  Florida State University Dissertation Grant.  Awarded October 19, 2004; $500.00.

Andreacci, J. L., Klebez, J. M. and Chelland, S. A.  Bloomsburg University graduate students to present at the 2000 American COllege Sports Medicine (ACSM) Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Awarded a Bloomsburg University Foundation Grant ($375.00), Bloomsburg University, April 2000.

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